The winners of the "Play, Bakhshi!" contest have been announced

At the beginning of 2022, with the announcement of “The Epoch of the People with Arkadag" for the revival of our culture and art, we received joyful news. This is the introduction of the craft of making a dutar, performing musical art on it and the art of bakhshi into the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. In order to develop this art, to attract talented bakhshi singers and musicians to this art, the President of Turkmenistan announced the first contest "Play, bakhshi!" which was held for the first time among bakhshi singers and dutar performers, within the framework of the state competition for the award "Türkmeniń Altyn asyry".
The competition was attended by young, talented bakhshis and musicians from all provinces of Turkmenistan, as well as students of secondary specialized and higher educational institutions of the country. Preliminary qualifying rounds were held at the level of regions, cities and provinces, and then the final competition was held at the state level.    
For the final round, 2 bakhshis and 2 musicians were selected from each province. 
The final round was held on September 13, 2022, where the most talented bakhshis and musicians were awarded the prize of the President of Turkmenistan "Türkmeniń Altyn asyry".  
The prize of the competition was awarded to Myrat Ashyrov, a musician from the city of Ashgabat, a teacher of the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory, from the Akhal province, a musician Dovletgeldi Dangatarov and bakhshi Ovezgeldy Amanov, from Mary province, a musician Ogulnabat Berdiyeva, a student of the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory and Bakhshi Omar Shiriyev, from Balkan province, a musician Amangeldi Durdyyev and Bakhshi Khojaguly Khojagulyyev, from Dashoguz province a musician Mekan Jumageldiyev and bakhshi Tazegul Atajanova a student of the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory, from the Lebap province, the musician Gurban Charyyev and bakhshi Khayytmyrat Illiyev. 
Thus, out of the twelve winners of the competition, three participants are teachers and students of the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory, and it is also a special joy that the other winners of the competition are graduates of our higher educational institution.
We express our gratitude to the Esteemed Hero Arkadag and the Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the development of the national musical culture and art, we wish them good health and success in their work for the benefit of the development of Turkmenistan.



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