Tsinandali Classical Music Festival: Turkmen musicians in the Pan-Caucasus Orchestra "Pan-Kawkaz"

"Tsinandali festival" is one of the famous international festivals of academic music, which was held at the Chavchavadze estate in the city of Tsinandali (Kakheti) of Georgia. Young Turkmen musicians participated in this festival for the first time, among them students of the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory, a 5th-year student Aylar Annamuradova and a 3rd-year student Begench Saryyev, who witnessed a major event. 
Despite the fact that Georgia has been holding this event since 2019, the festival has become particularly popular among classical music lovers, and in a short time the festival has created its own traditions. Famous performers, virtuoso musicians and conductors from Asia, Europe, America, CIS countries and the Caucasus were invited to participate in the concert program of the festival, who held seminars, master classes, all this created new opportunities for the development of their skills for young musicians. An Academy of Music was established in the city of Tsinandali as part of the festival. Especially talented musicians for the Pan-Kawkaz orchestra were selected among the participants of the festival. A special working group of well-known conductors and composers was organized to create the orchestra, who, along with musicians from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Ukraine, for the first time, musicians from Turkmenistan were also selected.    
Within the framework of the festival, a competition of musicians "Ping Pong" was held, where a student of the conservatory Begench Saryyev was awarded a Diploma of the second degree.   
To support the Turkmen musicians, the Turkmen Ambassador Dovletmyrat Myradov arrived in Georgia, who held a meeting with the organizer of the Tsinandali festival, the Italian conductor Claudio Vandeli, who noted the work of the youth orchestra to strengthen friendship and cooperation among the musical community. 
The concert program lasted until September 11, where several thousand classical music lovers gathered for performances by young musicians. Participants of the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory, students Aylar Annamyradova and Begench Saryyev participated in this amazing world of music, communicated with famous musicians, enriched the performing practice of performing on stage and were awarded Certificates of Honour of the festival. Such friendly meetings enrich the knowledge and develop the abilities of musicians, which has a fruitful effect on the development of young musicians.  
For strengthening and developing friendly ties between peoples, the festival participants expressed their gratitude to the Esteemed Hero Arkadag and the Esteemed President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, wished them good health and success in their work for the benefit of the development of Turkmenistan!



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