An English language competition was held

During the revival of a new era of our powerful state, broad international cultural and humanitarian cooperation has been established under the leadership of our Esteemed President.  The extension of the path of friendship, brotherhood, peace and happiness, stemming from the foreign policy principles of our Esteemed President, brings peoples closer together. There is an increasing need to train highly educated specialists who meet international standards in order to further expand and develop relations with foreign countries in various sectors of the economy. Life requires any professional to study a foreign language in their chosen field. Based on the important tasks set out in the Concept of Improving the teaching of foreign languages in Turkmenistan, the study and knowledge of foreign languages, namely, determine the level of human culture, plays an important role in the organization of interrelations of different cultures. This is also evidenced by the recent competition in English at the Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National Conservatory within the framework of the Week of the Department of Social Sciences. This competition, which was held among students, was very significant and ambiguous. In the competition, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students performed on the conditions provided. These conditions, which required young people to be interested in learning English, a new level of language proficiency, increased social and creative activity, identification of talented students, were very interesting, contradictory and made a great impression on the students.  The competition was highly appreciated by the jury members, and the participants were awarded with a certificate of honour from our educational institution. At the end of the contest, the participants of the event expressed their gratitude with the best wishes to the Esteemed President of Turkmenistan and wished him good health and success in state affairs.



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