Faculty of Folk Music

Department of Folk Musical Instruments

The Department of Folk Musical Instruments,which has been working since the opening of the institution, has trained abouta thousand graduates to this day. The department trains specialists in musical instruments of various sounds like dutar with plectrum, bass dutar, buttonaccordion, accordion, oud, "cheng", "canoon","baglama". The teachers of the department, having trained musicians in the named specialties, make a great contribution to the improvement of thenational performing school.

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Department of Turkmen Music

The Department of Turkmen Music trains specialists in such subjects as national dutar, gidjak, and reed pipe. When providing students with knowledge, the teachers of this department at a high level observe the principle "mentor-student" revived by the Esteemed President. Many teachers who provide knowledge on national musical instruments are holders of honorarytitles and state awards. Today their students are honored with great respect, developing the national performing arts.

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Department of Bakhshi Art

Department of Bakhshi art is one of the departments opened at the conservatory with the aim of further developing Turkmen national art. In 1989 she began to work as a department of "Bakhshi" in the department of "Turkmen music". As a resultof the increased demand for this specialty, it began to continue its work as aseparate department. The masses of the people, fans of the art of song and music, admire the art of performance by teachers and students of the department.

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