Faculty of Composition, Musicology and Piano

Department of Composition and Instrumentation

This department began to work as a separatedepartment, separated in the 1990s from the department of History, Theory of Musicand Composition. With the creation of the national school of composition,professionals of this specialty have created many pieces of music based onworld-class music samples. Their characteristics are taught to the youngergeneration. They run like a red thread through various works of students.Students who study in this specialty in accordance with modern musical requirementsmake a great contribution to the world of music. Thewonderful musical and song compositions created by experienced teachers andstudents of the department sound highly at holidays, state-level ceremonies.

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Department of Theory of Music

The teachers of the Department of Theory of Music teach students the writtenways of the language of music, their characteristic features. Students, inaddition to the main specialty mastering such subjects as solfeggio, theory ofmusic, harmony, polyphony, master musical notation, deeply penetrating into thesubtleties of the art of performing melodies. The teachers of the departmentare working at a high level to prepare students for scientific competitions.

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Department of History of Music

The Department of the History of Music, alongwith the Turkmen song and musical art, provides students of this institution with knowledge about the successes achieved in the history of world musicalculture. These important disciplines have a great impact on improving students' knowledge of music, becoming specialists with a wide outlook. The knowledge gained in these subjects allows students to achieve positive results inscientific competitions. Teachers of the department regularly appear on TVchannels, scientific and periodicals.

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